Amazing styling tips for winter

Amazing styling tips for winter

When it comes to winters we should protect ourselves from the weather but that doesn’t mean you can give up on your style and fashion. You can still have fun with winter fashion. For example HANNAH PRUITT. She is a fashion queen who knows how to dress in every weather. If you are looking forward to some tips for winter fashion that looks great on you as well as protect you from the weather. We are here to give you some:

How to style in winter?

Start with layering

Your base should consist of clothing layers like a wool turtleneck, leggings and silk underwear that will keep you warm without sweating. Your next layer can be something thick for insulation and the outer layer should be a coat that can also protect you from cold like a barrier.

Tight-fitting clothes

Wear tight-fitting clothes to prevent cold wind chills. Wear tight leggings underneath skirts and skinny jeans that also stand out with oversize sweaters and chunky boots that keep you warm.

Long coats

Whether these are trendy or not, if you want to keep your whole body warm, wear long coats. Make sure to have one in your wardrobe in winter.

Wear wool

Try to invest in wool for cold weather. If you find wool itchy you can wear Merino and cashmere. Merino is a type of wool that is lightly weighted and gives you a great base layer. Cashmere is a soft based wool that gives you a cosy feel. Both are a great option for winter fashion.

Cotton is not for winters

Cotton is an absolutely amazing material that clasps water. Try to avoid it in winters and save it for springs and others instead wear wool-based clothes that give you a great look too.

Wear hat, gloves and scarf as an accessories

If you are wearing the same clothes or coat, wearing different and colourful scarfs, gloves and hats will do a great job to your outfit and adding a hat is an easy way to keep your body warm in cold weather.

Choose the right shoes

Choose the right shoes that fit your outfit and also keep you warm. If you live in an area with snow then wear shoes with a tread that avoids slipping on ice wear them with thick wool socks for keeping yourself warm.

Give it a look

You have to play with texture. You don’t have to look bored because of the weather. You can mix your outfits with cute outerwear or the looks you like with nice coats and boots with accessories that keep you warm too. Styling is an art no matter what the weather is, you can have fun with it.

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