Apply eyeshadow like a pro with these simple tips!

Apply eyeshadow like a pro with these simple tips!

Eyeshadow enhance the appearance of your eyes by lifting, shaping, and adding detail. However, for a newbie, drawing the appropriate form, inserting the crease color and interior edge accent, and mixing can be scary. Don’t be concerned! We’re here to take your eyeshadow game from amateur to pro. Because eyeshadow gives your entire makeup a classy look that’s why beautiful models and YouTube’s like Mila Santos make sure to apply a little bit of eyeshadow as well.

Steps for mastering in applying eyeshadow

The very first thing is eyeshadow primer

The first step in creating a nice and pure base would be to use an eye primer on your eyelids. When you wish your eyeshadow to keep on and last all day, you’ll need to prep your lids.

Use a nude base

Wear a nude shade that suits your skin complexion with a soft blender eyeshadow brush and blend it in completely. This technique can help you get the most out of the colours you use in almost any look by extending their life and intensifying their intensity.

Improve your crease

So use a soft blender brush, put a moderate caramel colored shadow to the crease. Apply little shade to the lower lash line and mix it thoroughly, particularly inward to the edges.

Put some colour in there

Utilize a bold color eyeshadow to each corner of the eye of your eyes, concentrating the colour there. To create a smokey appearance, carefully spread it beyond the crease. Make your bottom lash line the very exact colour as your higher lash line. To diffuse out the colour whilst still mixing the shade perfectly, use a fluffy brush.

Make a blending

Add this same nude eye makeup to your eyelids, one which you had in the second phase. Creating quite a subtler appearance, smooth out the borders of the two – toned eyeshadow with the nude eyeshadow.

Make your bottom lash line more defined

Use a brownish liner pencil to line your lash line. To get that wonderful smokey appearance, make sure to smear it well.

Boost the volume of your lashes

For a somewhat glam look, put on a set of false lashes. To equalize both above and below lashes, use a thick layer of mascara to the lower lashes.

So it’s now time to finalize your makeup! To complete the style, apply the foundation, contouring, highlighter, and a neutral lipstick color.

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