Different Apps to Find New Friends Online

So many people around the world look for a friend with whom they can have a good time no matter where they are, share a joke, play a prank and feel belonged. This usually happens to teenagers who want to go for an adventure and are very enthusiastic about meeting new people, exploring new places and even getting to know people of different cultures. For many people, the pandemic was the time when people preferred meeting people online as they were not able to travel much and had to maintain Social Distancing. 

This paved way for online apps and social media platforms where people could find like-minded people and individuals who can bring a positive change in their lives. You can find such applications on both Android and iOS platforms and use their secure and smart technologies and find some really good friends. 

You can use these apps for yourself as well using a high-speed internet connection like the ones offered by Xfinity. You can also think about their bundled offers and also the highly affordable Xfinity TV packages that can help you save money and get the best entertainment for you and your friends. 

For now, let’s have a look at the different apps that can help you find some new friends online: 


The app can help you discover things that you might love to do. Also, you can find professionals and people who want to join in with you and enjoy performing exciting activities. You can come across millions of members and the app will help you meet people online and even in-person. Meetup is can help you discover people from the tech community, people who can support you in your career growth and pursue your passion. You can attend tech-related conferences and also engage in free health-related yoga and everything that you can think of.  

App Store Rating: 4.8


This is one of the best apps that can help you find friends and even people looking for a relationship. The app has many success stories of successfully making empowered connections. The app provides a very easy way of finding people who respect one another and has a very relentless way of building strong relationships. You can expect a clean environment using Bumble Date and Bumble BFF. Also, the app empowers women to set the rules of the game.  

App Store Rating: 4.2


The app is designed to get you offline meetings and has one of the ways to meet people, make new friends, join different communities, join live chats and come across different events. You can use the app using your Facebook or Instagram account, then you can join your friends in different communities and do what you guys enjoy doing. 

You can get introduced with different people who might be interested in knowing you and staying in touch with you. The app has a bunch of supportive individuals who can help you do some great things in life. 

App Store Rating: 4.2


This is one of the best apps for people looking forward to making new friends and can get you engaged in some exciting activities and interests. You can find people living in your area and work towards common interests and goals. The best things that you might find include free download, messaging and connections. You can send and receive messages and create events to assemble different like-minded people. You can create events from 100+ activities and find events that might interest you. You can use filters to be a little more selective that includes age, location, gender and according to activities as well. 

App Store Rating: 1.5


This is one of the safest places for women where they can connect and ask questions from different users. They can easily find support and get help regarding topics like fertility, menopause, motherhood and share valuable information. You can meet women living nearby and join different groups where there is a lot of support and information. You can find some really caring and supportive connections and stay in a very secure online environment. The profiles are verified users and the app uses secure means of verification to make the app experience secure for other users. 

App Store Rating: 4.3

In the end, one can say that finding friends and support has become very easy for people around the world. You can use the App Store’s finest apps mentioned above to for making friends, finding matches and do a lot more to achieve your personal and professional goals. All of the apps mentioned above provide support, love, care and support that people longed for because of the pandemic. 

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