Steps for Career Planning Every University Graduate Must Follow

Career Planning

After graduating from college or university, every student aims to get a dream job. Sometimes, they will get it soon and sometimes; it will take time. But, they must do career planning if they want to succeed in professional life. It is a process that helps them to know their interests, passions and goals. Apart from this, it will help them know their strengths and weaknesses. Working on their weaknesses, they can turn them into their strengths too. It will also help them to set long-term achievable goals. There are several steps in career planning, and this article aims to discuss them in detail.

You Must Have a Sense of Direction:

Having a sense of direction is the first step in career planning. There are several things that can help you in finding the directions especially when you are going to start your career with a dissertation writing service. You can consider self-assessment and self-exploration. These two will help you to know your strengths and weaknesses. Apart from this, you will know your personality and professional skills. You can consider other things too like the nature of your job and salary expectations. You can also consider value and interest evaluation. These two have several aspects that will also help you in career planning. All these things will help you find the direction for your professional life.

Conduct Career Research:

Conducting career research is another important thing you should do for career planning. You should conduct this research based on your career directions. There might be several jobs on your list. You should make sure to gather information about each career. You can meet working professionals and ask about their job nature. Apart from this, you should make sure that you only meet people related to your interest. They will give you a brief and comprehensive overview of the job. You should also consider the different responsibilities and roles of that career.

Career Experimentation:

After having a brief overview of each career, you can narrow it down to possible careers. After this, you can find different ways to experience possible options in real. You can consider different ways to experience that job nature. You can do job shadowing. In this, you will spend one day or a week observing a person on that job or position. You can see how he performs his duties and attends the meeting. Apart from this, you can do an internship. It will help you to get direct field experience about your dream job. All these things will help you know your aptitude for career finding.

Taking Decision about Career:

In this step, you will check the advantages and disadvantages of your career options. In this step, you must consider several aspects. But, you must make sure to know the work-life balance. Apart from this, you can develop a relationship between your pay and needs. All these things will help you to make a good decision. You can take help from your research and read every aspect of each option. You can rank those options from most important to the least important.

Final Planning:

In this step of career planning, you should gather all the relevant information. It will help you to determine a comprehensive plan. You can also take help from your career counsellor as he will advise you to achieve your goals. You should also develop short-term and long-term goals before reaching your final career. Apart from this, you should also consider all the hurdles you may face. You can do this to your other career options too. It will also help you choose the best career that suits your interests.

Job Searching:

In this step of career planning, you will use your career plan. In the job searching process, you should identify job roles in which you are taking an interest. Apart from this, you should identify the companies where you should apply. It will also help you compare your job preferences with the job requirements. You can write a cover letter using your career plan for the job. If you receive the offer letter, you should also think about several things. You should think about the salary and other career goals.


Every graduate student wants to get a dream job. So, they should do career planning that can help them in this regard. This article discussed several aspects of career planning that every graduate should know. This article discussed six major steps that will help in career planning. If you want to get your dream job, you should work on these steps.

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